Future-ready home in Haghorst

For the façade of a future-ready home in Haghorst (North Brabant), Alterwood's Millboard cladding boards were applied vertically, creating a unique look.

At this future-ready home in Haghorst, the owner wanted to use a maintenance-free material with a lastingly beautiful timber look.

The aesthetic benefits played a major role in choosing Millboard from Alterwood. Due to their exceptional natural appearance, these boards exude a far more authentic look than conventional composites found on the market. Moreover, the dimensional stability ensures that the boards do not warp. The unique top coat makes the product colour-fast and impact and scratch resistant.

Millboard Enhanced Grain in the Limed Oak colour was chosen as vertical cladding, creating a unique effect. Thanks to the resilient Lastane™ top layer on the Millboard boards, the specially developed screws are invisible, a feature called the ‘lost head’ effect. This creates an even cleaner look. The boards offer an appealing contrast to the numerous glass panels and other cladding materials on this house.


Easy-care product with the look and feel of wood.

Project Location

Haghorst North Brabant


Golden Oak
Antique Oak

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‘Construction of a future-proof home demands a maintenance-free product. But that product must also have a beautiful wooden look.’

Homeowner, Haghorst