Natural looking

Millboard boards are precise, hand-formed replicas of wooden boards with coarse and finer texture. They are available in various colours. The boards are coated with a wash, which penetrates deeply into the wood grain structure. As this is done manually, so each board is unique. The boards, with their color variations and wood grain, exhibit a remarkably natural appearance that is indistinguishable from real timber.

Strong and light

The core of the Millboard board consists of a combination of plastic and polyurethane, reinforced with fibreglass. The unique closed ‘cellular’ internal structure makes the board light and strong.

The solid boards will not warp, rot or harbour insects and pests. Besides the strong core, the special self-healing top layer is another aspect that makes the Millboard board so unique. This Lastane™ topcoat is resistant to scratches and stains and has been specially developed for the demanding outdoor environment.


Millboard is wood-free and non-porous. The resilient, non-porous Lastane™ top layer prevents adhesion of algae. The material is inherently grippy and, as such, very slip resistant. Studies show that, on both dry and wet floors, an anti-slip rating of R12 is achieved. Especially in applications around swimming pools, jacuzzis and water features, as well as in wet weather, this is a huge advantage. The rubber top layer also ensures that the specially developed screws are not visible, a feature called the ‘lost head’ effect. This means it's safe to walk on with bare feet!

Easy to process

Just like real timber boards, Millboard boards are easy to work with, and their remarkably low expansion coefficient means a gap of just 2 mm at the ends is sufficient. The boards can also be mitred and glued at the corners. By touching up the end of the sawn board with the right matching coating colour, the original appearance is restored.

Durable and maintenance-free

The raw materials used in the produce process at Millboard are recycled fillers and biopolymers (extracted from sugar cane or maize), so no oil is used to make the plastics. This also explains the extremely low carbon footprint of just 1.31 kg CO2 per m2. Besides the sustainable production, the quality of the product also says something about its durability: thanks to the UV- and weather-resistant top layer, there is no need for maintenance. In 25 years, no discolouration will be apparent to the naked eye. It retains its colour without the need for regular sanding, staining and painting.

All these positive characteristics, the natural look and the versatility of the material create a maintenance-free, durable solution that will not need looking after for years. So you benefit from natural beauty with high performance and a 25-year warranty.

Of course, Alterwood provides service and support throughout the process. Want to know more about Alterwood and what we can do for you? You can read all the information on our FAQ page.

Alterwood: authorised Millboard distributor for the whole of the Netherlands

Alterwood offers the complete range of Millboard. From a wide choice of boards in various collections to specific finishing materials for an optimal final result. When you choose Millboard from Alterwood, you are choosing quality, knowledge and service.

  • Quality

    Millboard is manufactured to the highest standards. Our boards not only provide a natural look, but they create a durable, maintenance-free solution that does not need to be looked after for years.

  • Knowledge

    As an authorised distributor of exclusively Millboard, Alterwood possesses extensive knowledge and experience regarding the product and its possible applications. We give you the best personalised advice and help you consider all your options.

  • Service

    We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we are happy to guide and assist you throughout the entire process, from idea to purchase, implementation and beyond.