Balcony deck with a natural appearance

An appropriate floor is an important aspect. Flooring materials with a warm, natural look are often preferred for areas such as balcony deck. But besides aesthetics, the performance and maintenance of the materials used also play a big role when choosing the type of flooring. Because the outdoor space should be a tranquil escape, not a source of more work. But can that be achieved with a traditional balcony deck?

Our decking planks are a perfect alternative to wooden balcony decking

Even though we all love a sunny day, it can take a toll on wooden decking, like traditional balcony materials. After a number of years, a timber balcony deck can warp, start to crack and gradually become less attractive. In the areas not exposed to direct sunlight, green deposits often form and the balcony deck can become slippery. When Millboard is chosen as an alternative to traditional balcony decking, it provides a natural, characteristic wooden appearance, without the disadvantages of traditional wood.

High-quality composite balcony decking: natural beauty with high performance

Indeed, Millboard is an a completely synthetic board with a long lifespan and therefore incredibly durable. The boards are colour-fast, UV resistant, do not warp and remain beautiful for an tremendously long time. Moreover, the boards are 100% wood-free and therefore splinter-free, as well as being scratch and stain resistant. And if a glass of wine is spilled? Or the furniture is frequently moved to make the most of the sun? No worries! And compared to traditional balcony decking, this is a maintenance-free solution that will not need to be looked after for years. Because the unique top layer (inherently non-slip) prevents algae deposition, keeping maintenance to a minimum. And that means the balcony or loggia will remain attractive for years to come!

Wooden look and feel

And speaking of beautiful, these are surely the most natural-looking composite boards available today. The shades of colour and the wood grain make the boards barely distinguishable from real wood. They are exact, hand-formed replicas of oak boards with coarse and finer texture. And the biggest difference compared to traditional balcony decking is that this product is not affected by weather conditions. There are several variants to choose from, both in terms of colour and fine or coarse grain. Modern or rustic appearance? Give the balcony or loggia the desired look and feel with Millboard's durable, maintenance-free solutions.

The unique properties

  • Anti slip
    Anti slip
  • Algae repellent
    Algae repellent
  • Stain resistant
    Stain resistant
  • Does not warp, does not rot
    Does not warp, does not rot
  • Maintenance-free
  • 'Lost head’-effect
    'Lost head’-effect