A pool deck that offers a premium appearance, radiates luxury and is safe

It is the resilient, non-porous top layer (Lastane™) that makes Millboard decking so unique. The top layer is UV and weather resistant and is inherently grippy, both dry and wet, giving the board the best non-slip properties. Ideal for swimming pool or jacuzzi surrounds and, with its unmistakable natural look, the perfect alternative to wood. In addition to being non-slip, the splinter-free top layer also fully envelops the specially developed screws, hiding them below the surface, preventing playing children from hurting their hands and knees. Another big advantage is its 100% wood-free composition, making Millboard splinter-free. This allows you to walk on your beautiful pool decking with bare feet without risk.

The look and feel of wood without the drawbacks

Millboard is not only the safest choice when it comes to quality finishing of pool decking but also the most beautiful. Imagine boards with the natural beauty of timber yet that are maintenance-and splinter-free, UV and weather resistant, do not warp and, above all, never get slippery. Our decking boards are the most natural-looking composite boards currently available and therefore truly enrich your garden and swimming pool. See for yourself how authentic they look at one of our showcase locations. You'll be surprised!

A maintenance-free, versatile deck surrounding your pool

Besides aesthetic beauty and safety, Millboard decking offers another benefit: practical convenience, as our decking boards require no maintenance. Indeed, thanks to the quality composition of this unique product, it does not need to be looked after for years. Algae cannot adhere, giving it the best non-slip properties, both dry and wet. And the material is very versatile: as there are no sharp edges and the edging is flexible, so beautiful curves can be created in the decking, even around swimming pools. Steps can also be created between elevation changes, and jacuzzis, for example, can be integrated in a perfect surround. With our material, it is even possible to make and glue mitred corners, to create neat, tight corner joints. In short: Millboard decking around the pool provides a stylish, luxurious appearance with the natural look of wood but with only advantages, thanks to the functional properties of composite material.

The unique properties

  • Anti slip
    Anti slip
  • Algae repellent
    Algae repellent
  • Stain resistant
    Stain resistant
  • Does not warp, does not rot
    Does not warp, does not rot
  • Maintenance-free
  • 'Lost head’-effect
    'Lost head’-effect