What is composite?

In essence, composite is a material composed of various raw materials. Together, these combined raw materials form a stronger whole than if they were used separately. The first generation of composite was known as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and consisted of compressed wood and plastic. Several variants followed, including FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Polymer). Better known in the Netherlands as fibre-reinforced plastic, this material consists of a polymer resin core reinforced with glass fibre, a residual industrial product. Whatever combination of raw materials is used, the aim is to increase the strength and rigidity of the core of the material. And that is also the main reason Millboard uses this process in the manufacture of its decking boards.

What makes Millboard so different?

Millboard decking boards, like other composite variants, are also lower in weight, strong and resilient. Unlike other composite variants, Millboard boards are made of wood-free polyurethane and mineral stone, so they are not affected by moisture or insect larvae and do not warp.


Self-healing top layer

Besides the strong core, the special self-healing top layer is another aspect that makes the Millboard decking board so unique. This top coat is algae repellent, scratch, stain and UV resistant and specially developed for demanding outdoor environments, such as terraces. Discolouration, mould and rot are a thing of the past, as is sanding and treating. Sweeping off occasionally with a broom to remove leaves is all you ever need to do. Our composite boards provide high anti-slip performance and are easy to process with standard woodworking tools. Pre-drilling is unnecessary, and after affixing with Durafix® screws, the innovative Lastane coating on the board closes over the screw heads – the ‘lost head’ effect.

Millboard Dakterras

A low carbon footprint

Millboard uses recycled fillers and biopolymers, resulting in an extremely lowcarbon footprint. The boards are precise, hand-formed impressions of fine- and coarse-grained wood boards, and each board is hand-finished. Due to the colour shades and wood grain, the boards are surprisingly natural looking and can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. Only Millboard is manufactured in this way.

Millboard Zwembad vlonder

Certainty with Millboard decking boards

In short, Millboard composite decking boards are not only strong and resilient but also durable and easy to maintain. Their unique composition and innovative top layer make them the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality, reliable composite product for the outdoor environment.

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