Laying a garden path? Choose Millboard!

Laying a garden path that is practical, stylish and maintenance-free – that is the goal. The natural, authentic look of timber suits a garden well. When a garden path is laid using decking boards, optionally interspersed with grass or gravel, it gives an elegant look to the garden. Fortunately, nasty slips and falls resulting from boards becoming slippery due to rain or algae growth can be prevented. With Millboard, you can create the characteristic look of timber without the disadvantages. It is the maintenance-free, weather resistant variant of timber, with a high load-bearing capacity, which does not warp and never gets slippery.

No chance of slipperiness thanks to unique top layer

The resilient, non-porous top layer (Lastane™), in particular, is what makes our decking boards so unique. The top layer is inherently grippy, but it also prevents algae from finding a foothold, giving the board the best non-slip properties, both dry and wet. This makes it ideal for a garden path, which is walked on a lot. The top layer is also UV and weather resistant. It is virtually impervious to discolouration and has excellent resistance to frost and rain. In addition to being non-slip, the splinter-free top layer also fully envelops the specially developed screws, hiding them below the surface. That means it can be walked on with bare feet without risk. Moreover, this results in a perfect finish and appearance.

Maintenance-free with a natural wood look

When laying a garden path, a good start is half the battle! With Millboard, unlike with real timber, warping, discolouration, algae deposits and rot are things of the past. With its long lifespan, Millboard is a durable, maintenance-free solution and the perfect alternative to genuine wood. While laying a garden path, work with unique elements to create a specific look. Millboard is available in several variants and colours, with hues and wood grain that make it barely distinguishable from genuine wood. This is because they are exact, hand-formed replicas of oak boards with coarse and finer texture.

Unprecedented application possibilities

The possible range of uses for Millboard is unparalleled, which is a tremendous advantage when laying out a garden path. The material is ideally suited for creating steps between elevation changes or building planters, for example. The material allows mitred corners to be made and glued to create neat, tight corner joints. Millboard boards have no sharp edges. The edging is flexible, so even curves can be created. By giving free rein to creativity, new applications arise all the time.

The unique properties

  • Anti slip
    Anti slip
  • Algae repellent
    Algae repellent
  • Stain resistant
    Stain resistant
  • Does not warp, does not rot
    Does not warp, does not rot
  • Maintenance-free
  • 'Lost head’-effect
    'Lost head’-effect