Low-maintenance, stable decking for your roof terrace with a luxurious look and feel

Such a beautiful outdoor space calls for an attractive roof terrace decking board. There is an awful lot of choice when it comes to types of floors, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, they are all too common: roof terraces with wobbly concrete tiles or slippery decking. Unsafe, uncomfortable and simply unattractive. Fortunately, Millboard offers a range of maintenance-free, super-stable decking boards for your roof terrace that will last for years to come.

No more accumulated grime, slippery surface or splinters

Tired of dirty, slippery tiles or decking and yearn for a roof terrace with a luxurious look and feel? Then choose maintenance-free Millboard decking boards. The perfect strong, clean-lined, versatile alternative to timber decking on the roof terrace. Thanks to their unique composition, the boards are super practical: they are scratch and stain resistant, do not discolour through exposure to UV light and are completely resistant to freeze–thaw cycles and rain. And particularly important on a roof terrace: thanks to its high anti-slip performance, 100% wood-free composition and hidden screws, walking on it with bare feet is no problem at all. Now that's enjoying a roof terrace to the full!

Roof terrace with decking that excels in load-bearing capacity and stability

Thanks to Millboard's high load-bearing capacity, a heavy flower box or furniture can easily be placed on it. And because the coefficient of expansion is very low, the boards do not warp. Its dimensional stability allows mitred corners to be made and glued. This creates a neat, tight corner joints. Because there are no sharp edges and the edging is flexible, it is even possible to use it to create beautiful curves on your roof terrace deck!

Uniform appearance

A roof terrace deck can be designed in several ways. With a nice lounge area or just a fine dining table. The integration of plants, a kitchen garden or borders creates a real garden feeling. And if the roof construction allows, a greenhouse or jacuzzi can even be placed on a roof terrace. A uniform look is achieved when the planters, kitchen garden enclosure or trim around the jacuzzi are made of the same material as the floor. With Millboard, it's all possible.

Characteristic timber look and feel

Prefer a romantic, or perhaps modern, look on the roof terrace? The Millboard collection offers something for everyone. The naturally warm appearance is the result of Millboard boards being exact, hand-formed replicas of oak boards. They are available in coarse and fine texture and in various colours. Moreover, the shades of colour and the wood grain make Millboard boards barely distinguishable from real wood. Dream of a maintenance-free roof terrace with a luxurious look? Find out how to make your dream come true!

The unique properties

  • Anti slip
    Anti slip
  • Algae repellent
    Algae repellent
  • Stain resistant
    Stain resistant
  • Does not warp, does not rot
    Does not warp, does not rot
  • Maintenance-free
  • 'Lost head’-effect
    'Lost head’-effect