Magnificent loft home in South Holland

At a loft home in South Holland, Alterwood's Millboard was used for the façade and terrace. Consistency in materials and colour hues creates a uniform appearance.

By its very nature, opting to construct a loft home signifies a preference for something extraordinary. Yet, the decisions made regarding materials, details and distinctive accents are what truly establish the home's real character. In this loft home (designed by BKVV Architects), both architect and owner not only considered aesthetic beauty but also performance and factors like ease of maintenance when choosing the material. Millboard from Alterwood proved a logical choice for this project, as one can rely on the product's high performance even in the most demanding environments and conditions.

The interior of the loft home makes extensive use of light oak, in the doors and other details, for example. To carry over that style and create a warm contrast to the sinusoidal steel cladding that the outer façade is largely covered with, the residents chose Millboard Enhanced Grain in Golden Oak. 

The 16 mm thick variant was used over an entire façade, on the underside of the eave and as accents on the side façades. The owner installed the battens himself. For a whimsical touch in the façade, he chose staggered joints for the roof overhang. By also using Millboard boards for construction of the terrace below the eight-metre-high overhang, a nice unity in material and colour scheme was achieved.


Wood-look product as a warm contrast to other façade cladding. Uniform appearance of façade and outdoor flooring.

Project Location

South Holland


Golden Oak

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‘I'm truly amazed by how closely Millboard resembles real wood in both look and feel, and I'm thrilled with this durable, maintenance-free option. We've managed to create the distinct ambiance we envisioned for our loft home. Looking outward through the vast glass façade from the interior feels like peering through a picture frame.’

Owner of loft home, South Holland